Check out my proposal

1. Click on this link:

Have a look at what I’m proposing to talk about.  Sounds good?  Proceed to step 2.

2. Click on the picture of the thumb that’s sticking up (whatever you do, don’t click on the thumb sticking down!!!)

A message will appear at the top of the screen saying:

“You need to sign in or create an account to submit or rate ideas and to write comments.”

Create an Account

3. Click on “create an account.”

4. Fill out the form with your first name, last name, email address and whatever password you like – you can use something as simple as “abc123” or perhaps the name of your favourite pet.

5. Scroll down to where you see a big red box.  In the smaller yellow box, type the words you see above, in the white part of the red box.

Here’s a picture of what the box looks like.  I’ve filled in the 2 words “vationin” and “magazine” in the box in the yellow area.

This box is called a “CAPTCHA” – it’s a way for the people running this site to make sure that whoever is filling out this form is a real person and not an evil robot (er…a computer program).  Some people spend their lives writing computer programs that go and fill out forms on websites just to annoy the rest of us.  Unfortunately they leave us no choice but to use tedious CAPTCHA technology if we want to make sure that only real people are using our websites.

6. Finally, click “Sign me up!”

If you make a mistake, the page will re-load with a big message in a red box at the top that says:

“There was an error registering your account, please check out the notes below.”

You will need to type your password again (twice) and try the captcha again.

If all goes well you will now see a message telling you to check your email.

Activate Your Account

7. Please check your email at the email address you just submitted.  Your email will have a link back to the SXSW site.

The reason they send you an email and ask you to click on the link is to prove that you are the owner of the email account you just submitted to them.  This helps them prevent people from creating a lot of fake accounts in order to stuff the ballot box.

8. Please click on the link. You should now see a page on the SXSW website that says “Welcome Amigo!”

You’re done all the tedious stuff now, you just need to vote!


9. Go back to the webpage with my presentation.  That link again is:

10.  Click on the “thumbs up” symbol.

You should now see the message: “Your vote was saved successfully.”

Woot!!  You’re done!! 🙂