Here are some of the things that occupy my time:

SXSW Health 2011

I’ve submitted an ambitious proposal for a presentation I hope to give at SXSW Interactive in March 2011.  Leveraging my knowledge of Software Engineering and my experience as a cancer survivor, I am proposing several novel applications to help patients better face difficult chronic illnesses such as cancer.  Each of the applications I am designing uses Twitter in a different way.  I think there are many lessons to be learned and shared by exploring these ideas and I want to distill this information into key insights to help hospitals and patients build better support systems for the future.  In Twitter we have an amazing platform for building support services for the future, support services that should already exist today.  Let’s take a closer look at how this can be accomplished.

Visualizing Patient Data

One day when I had nothing better to do, I took the time to write up my “cancer resume” – a long, factual account of all the treatments and tests I’ve had, opinions given to me by various oncologists at different points in time etc.  For people unfamiliar with my story, it’s a lot of information to take in.  During my many years of cancer fighting, I’ve had to go to new oncologists for 2nd opinions or exotic treatments on several occasions.  Getting up to speed on a case can be difficult and time consuming.

Immediately I see an opportunity for making things better.  Specifically, I’ve seen some really cool software tools for visualizing data in highly intuitive ways.  I imagine that if a doctor could see visual representations of key aspects of a patient’s history instead of just a lot of words on a page, they could absorb a lot more data a lot quicker.

I am going to explore this topic further by integrating my data with one of these tools.  I can’t wait to SEE the results!

Photoessay of Cancer Treatments

This is more on the artistic side.  Maybe it’s my inner narcissist, but I am blown away whenever I think of all the treatments I’ve had to sustain in order to successfully battle my rare cancer on 3 separate occasions.  Often when I am feeling really down and depressed this is a great way to cheer myself up – to remind me how far I’ve come.  It really puts current challenges in perspective.

So with a camera and computer in hand, I am working on documenting all of the stuff I’ve been through.